About Us

Vista Scientific LLC

Vista Scientific LLC was founded in late 1997 as a product development company specializing in technology solutions for the general eye care market. It has since focussed on novel therapies for specific ocular diseases and have pursued two primary development avenues: new therapeutic agents and new drug delivery technology. Its belief is that innovative research provides technology platforms, which serve as the foundation for new product development.

Vista’s experienced team of key R&D, clinical and marketing personnel has worked closely together for twenty years. The members of Vista, along with their advisors and consultants are recognized experts in their fields and have a successful track record in bringing products to market, particularly in the ophthalmic field. Additionally, they maintain strong academic ties with institutions and have collaborated with MIT, University of Massachusetts, University of Utah and Schepens Eye Research Institute.

Given its resources, Vista has the ability to carry a product program from conception through R&D and collaborate with external organizations for early clinical feasibility of safety and efficacy. Although its expertise lies in the front end of product development, it is experienced in working as part of a team in bringing a product through FDA approval.

Vista is located in an industrial complex within the greater Boston area. The facilities include both office and laboratory space. Their specialized laboratory is equipped to produce prototype ophthalmic solutions and devices for research evaluation. Vista also shares laboratory facilities at the Massachusetts Medical Device Development (M2D2) Center at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.

Product Development Team

Dr. Edward Ellis – Dr. Ellis has extensive experience in the research and development of contact lens materials and care systems. Dr. Ellis holds many key patents in this area, that have allowed Polymer Technology/Bausch & Lomb to continually lead the gas permeable contact lens market through the introduction of a continuous stream of lens materials and solutions products based on state-of-the-art technology. As a result of his years in the contact lens field, Dr. Ellis has gained extensive experience in water soluble polymer systems, surfactant technology, hydrogel chemistry, acrylate monomers, siloxane chemistry, fluorine-containing monomers, polymerization processes and material science. In addition, Dr. Ellis has considerable knowledge of ophthalmic device manufacturing processes, including cast/molding, and finished lens specifications. Dr. Ellis provided technical insight to the defining of the structure-property relationships that result in improved biocompatibility of contact lenses.

Charles  Leahy, O.D., M.S. – Dr. Leahy is an optometrist with a degree in post-graduate research from the department of Physiological Optics at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Leahy provides patient care and resident training in the Contact Lens Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary of Harvard Medical School. His publications and presentations on the subjects of ophthalmic devices and tear film emphasize the effects of biocompatible devices on the physiology of the eye. He has worked with Ed and Jeanne Ellis for twenty years on opthalmic devices, contact lenses and solutions product development, and provided both in-house feasibility studies and external clinical evaluations. He has consulted and co-managed new technology/product programs with the New Business Development team at Polymer Technology/Bausch & Lomb. He also participates as a sub-investigator for an ophthalmic product clinical research organization at their sites.

Robert Thompson – Managing Partner, has over 25 years of sales, marketing and executive experience in medical device and OTC consumer markets. He has been involved in projects such as a breast MRI scanner, a hand held instrument for the detection of pediatric middle ear fluid, a device for measuring blood perfusion, and a fertility testing product. He was formerly President of Bausch & Lomb’s US Lens Care and Polymer Technology Divisions. Bob joined Polymer Technology in its early, venture capital financed stage prior to acquisition by Bausch & Lomb. He held various sales and marketing executive positions with the company during its sustained growth to become the world’s leading provider of gas permeable contact lens products. His extensive experience includes a notable record of regulated new product development and the management of numerous successful new product launches. Mr. Thompson is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Management and of Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development.

Jeanne Ellis, M.S. – Ms. Ellis holds masters degrees in both Polymer Science and Plastics Engineering and is NCLE certified. She had over twenty years experience at Polymer Technology in the development of contact lens materials and their associated care products. During this period of time she was granted seven U.S. patents. Ms. Ellis has broad-based expertise in contact lens solution formulations development, sterilization processes, sterile fill, and clean room operation. In addition, she has an extensive knowledge of acrylic-based materials, polymerization processes, materials testing and structure-property relationships. Ms. Ellis has been the clinical monitor on several contact lens-related clinical studies.